Rebecca & Matthew

Rebecca trains thoroughbred horses (and their riders) up in Florida’s equestrian mecca just North of Deerfield Beach. Her discipline and strength of character tell you right from the start that Rebecca knows what she wants.

Matthew is from Spalding, in Lincolnshire, on the East coast of England. From his rich heritage he draws his strength, and togeather they make a very attractive couple.

Rebecca and Matthew met in the most romantic of ways, a fortuitous chance meeting aboard a ship sailing on the high seas. Their courtship continued back and forth across the 3500-mile-wide Atlantic, and it flourished. In due course, their engagement took place, where else…but on the decks of yet another ocean liner upon the briny deep.

Knot2They were Married by a Sea Captain at the Pavilion in front of the Embassy Suites Resort & Spa in Deerfield Beach, a great venue.  They made their vows facing the vast eastward expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, where their happy journey had begun.

With the lore of the sea being so instrumental in bringing them together, how very fitting that they further symbolized their commitment to one another by the tying of a Fisherman’s knot; actually, also know as the English knot!

It is also called “a true lovers knot,” because it is the strongest knot there is; its bond that will not break, becoming ever stronger under pressure.


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