Lauren & William

AddisonBocaEntranceThe rich history behind the Addison is a large part of what makes the venue such a special and enchanting place. Designed by famed architect, Addison Mizner in 1926, this exquisite venue is considered one of the most important pieces of architecture in South Florida. Initially created as the focal point of real estate operations for the Mizner Development and his headquarters for the early development of Boca Raton. Today, the estate is fully restored as one of South Florida’s premier wedding and event venues and retains the unique design features that made the property Addison Mizner’s final masterpiece.

Lauren and Will met in Delray Beach, and their courtship occurred over the following four years, often from halfway around the world as Will pursued his career as a Yacht Captain.  During this time they built a firm foundation of friendship, and a partnership based on trust and love.  It was very inspiring to see the handsome Captain and his strikingly beautiful bride stand before a large gathering of family and friends, under the towering ancient Banyan trees of the Addison, vowing “Today I give myself to you in marriage, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did before.”


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