Kyle and Casey
Bon voyage!

Today Kyle and Cassey not only got married, they were married on an ocean going ship embarking from the Port of Miami. Togeather with 100 friends and family aboard cruising with them to party and celebrate the start of this marriage in style. It was a very special wedding, and here are just a few words from the Wedding Ceremony:

On what was supposed to be a casual first date in shorts and tees, on a lazy afternoon along the California Coast, they found that after fifteen hours of twenty questions, laughing, and teasing, they not only enjoyed each other’s company, they did not want it to end. They found that in that instant, a spark of something they felt had the potential to make them and their lives better than they had ever imagined.  They liked each other, and it was as simple as that.  It was a feeling that quickly weeded out the rest of the world. It just happened. They could not quite explain it, but it existed from the first glance.”

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